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Corporate overview

Matrix International Group Ltd. (Hong Kong, China) is an investment company focusing on the development of the Educational and HR Projects.

The Hong Kong company Matrix was found by group of private investors.

Matrix Ltd. was established in Hong Kong at 2010.



Our mission is to support
and develop business projects that enable self-aware decisions in education
and during career choices.


We consider human resources as one of the most attractive sectors for investment today.
We value the possibility of being influential on the modern recruitment style of large worldwide companies.
We always expect a long-term potency of the investment, counted not only in direct profits
but also in the influence on the expansion of the humanity branch of personality and professional capabilities.
By staying tuned on the high-tech news,
we also work with educational and HR technological start-ups.


Our dedicated investment team is experienced in developing educational, HR-projects, and IT-companies.
Every team member brings a variety of skills and expertise necessary to create critical synergy within a collaborative environment leading to success.

Company's activities

investment projects
of HR-projects
of educational projects
Investing and developing
of high-tech start-ups
Support career
guidance projects

About projects

Matrix International Group Ltd. projects include educational companies, online training and analytic systems
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Office G, 8 Floor, Imperial Building, 54-66 Canton Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
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